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Why use a PEN?

  • Ease of use
  • Creativity
  • SLR quality
  • Expandability
  • Expert-proof. Beginner friendly.

    It has never been easier to get the very best out of your shots.
    Our Smart Settings do all the hard work for you – letting you enhance your photos to professional-style images in seconds. No prior knowledge required!

  • Transform your photos into artworks!

    Special photographic effects at your fingertips: PEN Art Filters put you in the creative driving seat.

    • POP ART – bright & vibrant
    • SOFT FOCUS – the dreamy look
    • PALE & LIGHT COLOUR – subtle pastel tones
    • LIGHT TONE – for added lustre
    • GRAINY FILM – black & white cinematic
    • PIN HOLE – a diffused glow
    • DIORAMA – the miniature toy effect
    • CROSS PROCESS – the experimental film look
    • DRAMATIC TONE - for extra drama
    • GENTLE SEPIA – for a nostalgic look
  • Want to know why our photos are so good?

    From razor-sharpness, to background blur, to vivid colours – PEN delivers incredible optical quality to the same professional standard as SLR cameras. Don’t let its compact size fool you!


    Our focus is phenomenal quality

    All the different lenses in PEN’s extensive range have one thing in common: they each produce breathtaking shots with the depth of field and pixel-perfect clarity that are usually only achieved by hotshot pros.

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    Extra-sensitive for superb quality

    Rather than just focusing in on resolution and the number of pixels, we’ve also placed real emphasis on what truly matters when it comes to image quality: A high-performance sensor. It delivers greater sensitivity, which means greater refinement and precision. And that means you’ll automatically end up taking better shots, even in tricky light conditions.


    Simply the best processor we’ve ever produced

    One of the best just got even better: We’ve optimised the new image engine TruePic VI especially for the new PEN series. The result: an even faster autofocus, professional image quality, sensitivity up to a superb 25,600 ISO, plus enhanced colours, details and noise compensation.

  • Meet the camera that’s full of possibilities

    Whatever your photographic needs, PEN comes with just the right accessory.

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    Find just the right lenses & converters for you

    Whatever your interest – be it close-up or wide-angle, macro or fisheye – PEN has the right optical gear for you to capture exactly the type of shots you’re after.

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