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CLA‑12, Olympus, Digital Cameras , Compact Cameras Accessories


Conversion lens adapter (55mm)
  • Conversion lens adapter
  • Connecting TCON‑17X to XZ‑1 & XZ‑2

CLA‑12 Conversion Lens Adapter

The conversion lens adapter CLA‑12 has been designed for the XZ‑1 and XZ‑2 with a screw diameter of 55mm and only a length of about 4.1cm. It enables the attachment of the tele converter lens TCON‑17X or the MCON‑40 for either greater tele shooting or special macro shots.


  • Conversion Lens Adapter
  • Conversion lens adapter for the XZ‑1 & XZ‑2
  • Compatible with TCON‑17X or MCON‑40
  • Turning screw mount for easy and quick connection

Compatible with

  • TCON‑17X, Olympus, Digital Cameras , Compact Cameras Accessories


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