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LC‑37 F Logo MFT Lens Cap, Olympus, System Cameras , PEN & OM-D Accessories


Lens cap with special F Logo
  • Features the PEN F logo from 1963
  • Combines heritage and protection
  • Diameter of 37mm

LC‑37 F Logo MFT Lens Cap

The Olympus Pen F was the world's first and only half‑frame system single‑lens reflex camera, released in 1963. The Olympus Pen F was a revolutionary camera packed with innovative features. With the new Digital PEN cameras Olympus started a new era of mirrorless cameras with outstanding design. The lens cap with the special F logo has a diameter of 37mm and can be used with the following M.Zuiko lenses:

M.Zuiko Digital 17mm F2.8 Pancake lens
M.Zuiko Digital 14‑42mm F3.5‑5.6 II (R)
M.Zuiko Digital 45mm F1.8


  • Dedicated to the famous Olympus PEN F from 1963
  • Heritage and protection combined in a new lens cap
  • Suitable for M.Zuiko Digital 17mm F2.8 Pancake lens, 14‑42mm F3.5‑5.6 II (R) and 45mm F1.8