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Downloads for E‑PL6

  • 12/18/2018

    Firmware update Version 1.4

    Corrected issue of autofocus (AF) function not operating correctly when using the "H-ES200" and "H-ES50200" interchangeable lens produced by Panasonic. 



    Version 1.3

    Compatible with Olympus lens with a built-in image stabilizing function. 

    The camera body recognizes the IS built into the lens, allowing for optimal image stabilizing effects.* 

    Compatible with Windows 10. 

    * Not compatible with 5 axis Sync IS.



    Version 1.2

    1) "Connection to Smartphone", by operating the camera's menu, is supported for Toshiba W-03 FlashAir cards. 

    2) Note: If you have already set the Wi-Fi connection of your FlashAir W-03 card on a computer or smartphone, initialize the card to enable smartphone (FlashAir) connection from the camera menu.  

    You can download the FlashAir configuration software from the Toshiba web page: 

    3) Caution: The image data will be erased if you format the FlashAir using the configuration software. Please backup all the important images on the FlashAir to your computer before formatting. 



    Version 1.1

    - Precision of AF when M.Zuiko Digital ED 40-150mm F2.8 PRO lens is mounted has been improved. 

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