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Downloads for OLYMPUS Viewer 3

  • Olympus Viewer 3 download service ends on March 31, 2019

    Olympus Viewer 3 is replaced by the new Olympus Workspace software. 

  • Perfect to organise your images

    Virtual Light box 

    Easy image editing 

    Batch processing 

    Supports GPS functionality 

    Art Filter Effects 

    Intuitive Browse and Archive 


    Olympus Viewer 3 software is the perfect tool to organise and edit your images. With RAW file development it is possible to achieve the highest possible image quality and to apply Art Filters afterwards. It offers the full range of image processing and management tools such as the Tone Curve, Distortion Correction and Unsharp Mask. With Olympus Viewer 3 the GPS functionality of Olympus cameras is fully supportes and images will be shown where they have been taken on a map. 



    Firmware update 2.4.1

    The Privacy Policy has been revised. 



    Software Version 2.4

    Support for the latest cameras. 

    System Requirements have changed. 

    Windows Vista is no longer supported!