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Card errors

Please test the checkpoints that are relevant for you.

"Card write protect switch" is not switched to "Lock"

The SD card body has a write protect switch. If you set the switch to Lock, you will not be able to write to the card, delete data or format it. Put the switch back to the unlock position to enable writing.

The memory card is compatible with the equipment

Was the memory card formatted by a computer and therefore has a different file format? Check the file format is FAT16/32 or use the recommended format for your camera.

To check card compatibility please visit our Website .

If the problem is still not resolved, please contact your Olympus support section on our website .

1. Select SD card on your computer
2. Click right button on your mouse.
3. Select format option

1. Format window will be opened
2. Check if file system is FAT32 (default)*
*IMPORTANT: If you click on Start button all information will be erased from SD card.

Memory card has been inserted correctly and carefully

Please insert the memory card into the correct card slot. Do not force the memory card into its slot. In almost every camera there is a mark next to the memory card slot to show you how to insert the memory card correctly.

Caution: Turn off the camera before loading or removing the card.

Loading the card:
1. & 2. Open the card slot cover.
3. Slide the card in until it is locked into the slot.

Caution while removing the card:
Press the inserted card lightly and it will be ejected.
Pull out the card.

The contacts of the memory card are clean

If there is dirt on any of the contacts the memory card might not work effectively.

The memory card was formatted only once

Cards formatted on a computer or other camera must be formatted with the camera before they can be used.

All data stored on the card, including protected images, is erased when the card is formatted. When formatting a used card, confirm there are no images that you still want to keep on the card.

1. Select Card Setup in shooting menu
2. Select Format
3. Select YES and press OK

The problem persists, even with a different memory card

Please, if possible try out a different memory card to determine whether the fault is caused by the card or the camera.

Ensure that "File Name" is set to "Reset"

If "File name setting"" is set to auto and there is a folder named 999OLYMP on the memory card, the number of the remaining shots will be low due to the DCF (Design rule for Camera File system). There can only be 999 folders and 9999 images within each folder.

To fix this problem, please change the file name setting.

1. Format the memory card as explained before
2. Go to menu and select Record/Erase.
3. Select file name option
4. Change the file name setting from AUTO to RESET
5. Change it back to AUTO if you want the camera to remember the file name.

For more information, please see your camera's printed manual or download the online manual for your camera .

If you have checked the list and the problem is still not resolved, please contact us or visit our Repair service area where you can find more information and, if necessary, return the item to us.

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