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City & Travel

We are Lisa Nuber and Patrick Scholz, the photographers behind ‘Social Traveling’! Over the last few weeks, we've been spending some quality time with the new OM-D E-M10 Mark IV, snapping tons of promotional shots.

We often spent entire days exploring our various destinations, combing the streets to find the best spots to photograph. In addition to the camera body equipped with the M.Zuiko Digital ED 14‑42mm F3.5-5.6 EZ pancake lens, we also brought along a variety of interchangeable lenses, including the M.Zuiko Digital 17mm F1.8, 25mm F1.8 and 45mm F1.8 to give us three fixed focal lengths, as well as the M.Zuiko Digital ED 12-45mm F4 PRO and the M.Zuiko Digital ED 14‑150mm F4-5.6 II.
Despite bringing all this gear with us, our backpack was surprisingly light – this is one of the things we love the most about the Olympus camera system. The body and lenses have a compact, lightweight design, making the E-M10 Mark IV the perfect travel buddy for anyone who isn't keen on hauling around heavy equipment but still wants a sturdy camera that's capable of taking great photos.

Our road trip began on our home turf in the southernmost reaches of Germany, where we photographed the sights of Wangen im Allgäu, Ravensburg, and a few other places. Next on the itinerary was Frankfurt, where we spent lots of time testing out the automatic face detection with Eye Priority. Even in this urban jungle, we never had to adjust the focal point manually, since the camera managed to focus on the eyes of the photo subject every time.

Another great feature that worked really well for us in the city environment was the Multiple Exposure mode.
This is one of the various AP (Advanced Photography) modes that the camera offers, and it can be used to play with multiple exposure in very simple yet creative ways.

Our stopover in Freiburg gave us an opportunity to get to grips with another nifty AP mode.
The Live Composite function allows you to capture spectacular night scenes without the need for any complex tricks. In order to use this mode, you'll need to mount the camera on a tripod. Once you've found your subject, all that's left to do is to simply press the shutter release. The camera starts by taking a photo at the ideal brightness setting, before continuing to record any changes in brightness levels. This means, for instance, that a lit-up object doesn't appear too bright, because the brightness in this part of the photo doesn't change. However, the lights of passing cars, or perhaps the stars tracking across the sky, are written into the composite image. The result is a stunning work of art that combines all the different elements into a single image – without the need for any laborious editing.

Another thing we found really helpful when shooting in this mode was how easy it is to connect the camera to a smartphone. With the Ol.Share app, we were able to watch the image being created live on the smartphone screen. This was a huge advantage since we'd positioned the camera very close to the ground, making it tricky to take the shot and use the Live View function.

Thanks to the fast Wi-Fi connection on the camera and smartphone, we were also able to save our photos to the phone in a flash. We use this function a lot since we're often away travelling and don't have access to our computer. This means that wherever we're taking photos, we can send them to our friends and family right away, as well as publishing them directly on our various online channels.

In addition to a fantastic 20MP sensor and a wealth of intelligent modes, the E-M10 Mark IV also features powerful 5-axis image stabilisation, which cuts out camera shake when filming and makes photographing in low light conditions a real joy. We're amazed at how much sophisticated technology has been packed into such a compact camera!

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Authors & Photographers: Lisa Nuber and Patrick Scholz

All images shot with the following equipment