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City & Travel

Since 2003, when I first put my hands on Olympus Camedia camera I did not even dream of what the trip it would be. Ups, downs, changes of style, changes of understanding photography, lot of bad moves and sometimes good ones. One thing never changed... Olympus.
At first I was curious, after that I was attracted by good people from Olympus who were always ready to help, and now with the quality of equipment that never betrayed me.

My style is documentary/journal, but also I like to wander through surreal and the abstract photography world. I like to shoot concerts, performances, weddings, landscapes and cityscapes. All where I do not have to influence the scene in front of me. I like moments and spontaneous events.
Because of my photographic style sometimes I enter bokeh style. I like bokeh, but when I take photos I don't think about bokeh, I just try to have as fast as possible shutter speed and as small as possible ISO and F-stop. Bokeh is just a product. Of course, the difference in distance from the object is very important for bokeh. When it comes to bokeh I like to shoot at night with a bright light background, like street lamps.

I pretty much photograph people at various parties, concerts, weddings, etc. So I always deal with low light conditions.
Since recently I've been stuck with 17mm which is great for landscape/cityscape. 25mm and 45mm do I take when it comes to people, street photography and of course low light situations. I was positively surprised with the sharpness, fast focus, beautiful Feathered Bokeh and speed of those lenses.

I am not a technical guy, so I can't go into deep reviews, but amazing details when I take photos and great quality is something that puts a smile on my face. Recently I got questions about tips for these lenses, I said there is no tip except take it and use it, you can't go wrong. I am serious, for my point of view and my photographic needs these lenses are fantastic.

Author & Photographer : Silvijo Selman

All images shot with the following equipment