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Everyone wants to learn how to up their Instagram game to make their photos and account really stand out. The Olympus PEN is chock full of options to help make creating and uploading great images to Instagram as easy as possible, so here are some top tips!

Keeping the colour theme

Although it is important for each individual photo to be great, the overall look of your Instagram grid is also key. Having a colour theme that runs throughout all your photos is a great way to unify your feed, for example maybe all your images are white/cool toned or maybe your feed is warmer toned with more orange and yellow shades. You can make sure your Olympus PEN is set up to automatically tone your images warm or a bit colder at point of shooting. Press MENU – COG ICON – SCROLL DOWN TO F – WB AUTO. Here you can select to Keep Warm Colour OFF or ON.

Think about the image ratio

To keep your feed consistent, you will want all your images shot in the same ratio. The Olympus PEN lets you shoot in whatever ratio you want, including 1:1 square, so you can frame your image perfectly with no need to crop into a square later, which makes things so easy. You can adjust the ratio in the Super Control Menu. Press OK and you will find it in the middle on the right. Choose from 4:3, 16:9, 3:2, 1:1 and 3:4.
Note if you shoot in 4:3 or 3:4 you will have to crop your image slightly for Instagram’s 5:4 portrait ratio so make sure to leave space you are happy to lose in your image when you take it.

Utilize the Olympus PEN Flip Screen

One of the brilliant features of the Olympus PEN is the flip screen that can definitely make things easier. If you are a flat-lay creator, then utilising the flip screen towards you will help you get that perfectly shot image from above and means no more craning over the top of your set up to see the screen.
Flipping the screen outwards towards you and extending, it up on its frame will also help you if your thing is shooting food in restaurants. You can hold the camera up high above you and frame your dinner on the screen easily.
Flipping the screen upwards is perfect for helping nail those low-down shots. Whether that is for that perfect shoe shot or a street scene from the floor, the screen means you do not have to be as low as the camera to get your set up perfect.
The flip screen also flips completely down and this is perfect if you want to snap a selfie for your feed. Not only is there an E-portrait option if you are shooting in AUTO that will help smooth skin tones but thanks to the Olympus PEN touch screen you can tap the Shutter button and the camera will take the photo after 2 seconds giving you plenty time to perfect that pose.

Get to grips with the grid

One useful feature of the Olympus PEN that will help you shoot for Instagram is the Framing Grid. Find it by pressing MENU-COGS – MENU C1 – DISPLAYED GRID. If your feed is all about symmetry try the first grid layout to help you get it shot perfectly or if your feed always has the subject bang in the centre of the image then grid option 4 or 5 will really help you nail this. Grid option number 6 that is two lines top and bottom is really handy if you are shooting landscapes to help you get the horizon straight. Consider switching on a framing grid and see if it can help you capture that perfect Insta shot.

Wi-Fi photos straight to your phone

The best feature of the Olympus PEN has to be the built in Wi-Fi. Using the Olympus OI.Share app, you can connect your Olympus PEN to your phone and quickly transfer images you have just taken and upload them straight to Instagram. Choose the Import Photos option and you can browse all the images you have taken, then Import, and save to your phone to directly share on Instagram from there - it’s that easy!
That’s just a few ways to use just some of the Olympus PEN features to help you improve your Instagram and most importantly make it quick and easy to share your best snaps to the app.
Stay tuned for more Olympus PEN Tips & Trick’s.

Author & Photographer: Debs Stubbington

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