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Shooting self-portraits with the Olympus PEN camera is so easy thanks to the Remote Control option in the Olympus OI Share App. But why not try being more creative with your self-portraits and shooting some fun photos with simple items you would find at home?

Here are some ideas to get you started on having fun with self-portrait:

The key to easily shooting self-portraits photos using the Olympus PEN camera is the Olympus OI Share App. If you haven’t already utilised the app then you should download it straight away. You can then quickly connect your camera to your smartphone using the Olympus PEN built in wi-fi and in the OI Share App select the Remote Control option. Within this option you will get a live view of you or your subject through the camera right there on your smartphone screen and use the shutter button in the app to take the photo. You can also alter settings, create custom self-timers and tap to focus all within the app too. This is perfect for self-portraits as it allows you to compose your shot with you in it and using the self-timer options you can tap to take the photo with plenty of time to put your phone down and strike your pose. Once taken you can quickly review your shots to make changes to your settings and import the photos straight on to your smartphone.

To add some fun to your self-portraits how about playing around with some props.


Bubbles are such a fun prop to play around with for photos. Not always easy to master you will need to create a custom self-timer that shoots several shots in a burst to try and capture them falling. But they are a great and inexpensive prop to play around with. Try blowing them into the foreground of the photo to add depth and interest to your shot. Alternatively blow them up in the air just before the shutter fires to capture them falling in front of you.

Think about using a coloured background that will really help the pretty reflective colours of the bubbles to stand out.


There are so many ways to use flowers to add some colour and fun to your self-portraits. Try having them slightly in the foreground of the image, with the focus on you behind to create interesting dimension to your photo. You can also play around with bright coloured flowers held up to the face and eyes to make a really quirky shot or add a flower into the hair for a pretty detail.


A mirror is such an easy prop to use to add an interesting element in to your self-portraits. Anything from a dressing table mirror to something smaller and handheld can be used to create reflections. Try shooting from behind with your face reflected in the mirror for a unique portrait and utilising the Live View in the Remote option. In the Olympus OI Share App you can easily see how your shot looks with your back to the camera and tap the screen to ensure the camera focusses on your reflection.

There are so many other fun props you can use for photos like confetti or fairy lights, so why not have a go at shooting some fun self-portraits yourself with your Olympus PEN and the OI Share App.

Author & Photographer: Debs Stubbington

All images shot with the following equipment